Abroad in Switzerland

English in Switzerland or English abroad?  There are many arguments in favour of an English language course abroad.  However, if your company has a small group that are interested in a course abroad, bringing "abroad" to you could save money and offer other advantages.

"Abroad in Switzerland" (AinS) is a short, intensive course combining tuition with realistic tasks using all four skills and social interaction with native speakers.  Two tutors coach your group for three days and a social evening with a later half-day follow-up to review assignments and progress.  The course is tailored to company requirements.

It is for people

  • whose English is already good and want to improve
  • who need to refresh their language skills
  • looking for direction in their language development
  • considering a higher exam course
  • with limited time
  • for whom travel abroad is impractical

With an emphasis on speaking and conversation, the course covers essential grammar and sources of specialised vocabulary; practical work involving presentations, discussion, emails, reporting, &c; topics such as finance, culture and humour; advice, correction and resource demonstration.

AinS has received high ratings in client feedback and repeat bookings since it was launched in 2001.  For us, Switzerland is local, not a destination.  AinS has native speakers with teaching and business backgrounds who live in Switzerland.  Course planning visits can easily be arranged at your office.  Participants will not need the expensive travel and accommodation costs associated with a course abroad.  As it is "your" course company material can be incorporated and openly discussed.  You can customise the course.  An optional follow-on series "Beyond Abroad in Switzerland" is available for in-depth, targeted work.

AinS works well with five to twelve participants for less than the cost of sending three abroad.  For an initial discussion, please email for further details or phone direct on +41 44 701 24 91

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