Financial English

You already understand finance and the "concept stuff."  You just need help expressing it in clear English.  This is where kibu Consulting specialises.

Banking, accounting, auditing, taxation, insurance and stockbroking all have their own terminology.  It needs to be learnt and practised.  If your English is already at a good level, options for learning and practice are better with a specialist.

kibu Consulting offers:

  • a coach with a strong financial background including investment and stock markets
  • tailored courses for your needs such as presentation work and report writing
  • financial conversation practice - topic specific or general

There are plenty of good language teachers but does your teacher really understand finance and how to coach in communication?  Perhaps it's just as important to ask, is your teacher genuinely interested in what you do for a living and talking about it?  Discuss your requirements with kibu Consulting on 044 701 24 91.            See how a specialist can help you.

Kyle has an international business background, a formal education in accounting and law and has been a part-time investor for over three decades.  He has many years' experience in providing business communication training for individuals and groups.