Blended learning options

Blended learning - a mixture of face-to-face and online learning - offers you many benefits.  The online element is available anytime, anywhere; you have access to coaching outside normal hours giving you more flexibility; technology can lower the costs of private tuition while keeping it customised and personal; feedback is instant; material is bang up to date; multimedia helps make the learning experience more interesting and enjoyable.

kibu Consulting is a provider of the CFE Cambridge Financial English course from Cambridge University Press; the multimedia LLE E-Learning resource centre and Oxford University Press' Oxford English Testing, including their accredited Oxford Placement Test.

The three systems offer a mix of language practice and skills focus whether for finance, business or general communication improvement.  Face-to-face work consolidates the speaking and writing skills needed by the client.  Online support is provided and pure online learning options are available.  Importantly, you can measure and track your successful progress individually or for companies.

kibu Consulting can provide licences for individuals or companies, including course administration and support through an online learning management system.  For any enquiries or to order, please telephone 044 701 24 91, e-mail or click  here.

Demonstrations and further details:

CFE  or click .

LLE  or click  here  for a FREE 7-day full trial.

Oxford English Testing  or click  here  for Oxford Placement Test details.