Presentation, Public Speaking and Interviews

Your presentation is planned.  How and where will you practise?  Maybe you need impartial advice or an off-site location?  Do you want customised appraisal or role play?  Is your important presentation or interview at short notice?

Whether your presentation is for a sales meeting, a financial report or a job interview, your message can easily be obscured or even lost through poor technique.  Better to eliminate potential problems beforehand rather than do a post mortem analysis of what went wrong.

"The biggest single problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"  George Bernard Shaw

With the luxury of time you can get excellent training in presentation and public speaking through Toastmasters International.  For what you need right now kibu Consulting offers personalised, discreet coaching that is objective, focused and as honest as you want to hear.

Get coaching in preparation, communication, delivery and audience connection, and learn to manage your nerves and the room.      One-to-one or groups.  Your choice of location or, if required, a large practice room 30 minutes from Zürich HB.

Example workshops and coaching:

  • working with props (supporting material and aids) and avoiding disaster
  • finding your best speaking voice
  • introducing and compering
  • spontaneous speaking
  • taking minutes

Take advantage of the free trial offer.  Call kibu Consulting to polish your presentation:  ++41 44 701 24 91