Intercultural Communication, Management and Pedagogy



Create greater synergy amongst staff of different cultures

Increase the effectiveness of your multicultural teams

Minimise time-consuming misunderstandings

Communicate better with customers/clients and suppliers

Interactive conferences, workshops and seminars on a wide range of intercultural issues with a learning by doing approach.

CONFERENCES & WORKSHOPS (half to full day)
This type of program gives participants some insights into the impact culture has on business interactions.  Programs range from interactive presentations to intensive workshops

where group members participate in exercises, role plays or simulations.  Content can be designed:

  • to start participants thinking about their beliefs, values and behaviors as a product of their culture
  • to focus on a specific cultural dimension, e.g. different concepts of time, the decision making process, a manager’s role…
  • to address a specific challenge the company is facing, e.g. members of a merged team encountering real problems communicating across cultures.

SEMINARS (from 2 days to 1 week)
Content ranges from general aims (Developing Intercultural Awareness) to specific managerial issues (Teambuilding, Managing Multicultural Teams, Multicultural Human Resources…). Length depends on the company’s aims and needs.

Some examples of programs:
Seminars                                                                                                          Conferences and Presentations
Developing Intercultural Awareness                                                           On Being Foreign
Working Together: The challenges of multicultural teams                     Globalisation
The United States from Coast-to-Coast                                                     Languages and cultures
Understanding the American Customer                                                    From me to you: the road to recognizing our differences

All programs are designed to meet your company’s specific needs and objectives. Program content is defined as appropriate to your culture and challenges.

Customer references:
Aventis, Total-Elf-Fina, Nortel-Matra, EADS, L’Oréal, Hilton, Guerbet, International Paper, MBDAF, GDF-Suez…

Intercultural Training programs are run by LINDA S VIGNAC

Linda is Franco-American and has been living and working in France for 25 years.
She began her career in Paris, at one of France’s leading corporate training companies, for whom she has created and facilitated numerous programs for adult professionals from a wide range of sectors such as banking & finance, automobile, pharmaceutical, aerospace, insurance, hotel & tourism.  Over the years she became aware that culture had a major influence on communication and quite logically turned to the field of intercultural communication, management and pedagogy.

Today, she is still at Langues et Entreprises in Paris as Director of Training and Programme Design.  Her responsibilities include designing training programs and mentoring of trainers representing over 30 nationalities.  She creates and facilitates workshops and seminars for the company and as an independent consultant on intercultural communication, management, team-building and pedagogy throughout Europe in English and French.

Linda is also a Member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education and Training and Research) France as well as coauthor of:
“Galaxias interculturales. Mundos para armar" (Santillana, Buenos Aires, 2003).
“De moi à toi: Chemin vers la reconnaissance de la difference” dans De Babel à la mondialisation : apport des sciences sociales à la didactique des langues,
Actes de Colloques ALDIDAC (Approche Linguistique et Didactique de la Différence Culturelle), J. Aden (dir.), 2004 (co-auteur)
A cycle of 12 online classes in Intercultural Pedagogy offered in 2007-08 by the virtual campus cem (Centro De Estudios Multidisciplinarios), Buenos Aires.

To discuss your Intercultural Communications training needs, contact kibu Consulting or Linda S Vignac direct: