Email - endless or efficient mail?


You need to pass a driving test to drive a car but who gave YOU email training and which activity takes more of your time each day?

Frequent "Itty bitty" email matters take up too much business time.  Is it just YOUR time?  What about your co-workers and other employees?  The mistakes or habits that need correction are often THE mistakes that are typically ignored: does the email need or not need a reply? by when? is it for ME? is it important?  2 minutes less each day on email would give YOU back an 'extra' day each year.  How many days would you like to have back for YOU?  Imagine the potential impact on your business through establishing best email practice.

Use email to improve communication: get your messages noticed; understand and 'listen' to your correspondent; choose the best media and time; follow the good "netiquette rules" that will save you time and money; learn how to stop email or, at least, cut the time spent.  Get a free 'health check' on your autoresponder that could help you in any language.

kibu Consulting offers company consulting, private coaching and email best practice workshops such as "GETTING STRAIGHT THROUGH."

Phone 044 701 24 91 to discuss your needs or email to request a convenient callback.  You can put us to the test with the autoresponder 'health check' at any time.

"Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back"  Thomas Sowell